As increasing number of businesses recognize the benefits of outsourcing sales to direct marketing firms, others question the cost involved. When asked whether CMX Austin believed that live events are really worth the cost, director Corona Xu explains “There isn’t a simple answer to that because there are so many levels that you need to look at. Of course, we believe they are well worth it because that’s what we do, and we wouldn’t be in this line of work if we didn’t believe in it.”


What Corona Xu, Director of CMX Austin, is referring to is the fact that direct marketing works on more than just a direct sales approach. It is first a way to brand a company and their products by bringing them live to consumers where they are. This could be an event scheduled in a store or it could be a huge event taking place at a conference hall. Direct sales consultants provide a face behind the name, someone the consumer can relate to.

However, direct marketing can also provide an avenue where customers can get the feel of a given product, try it out and ask questions if they need to. “People want to see what they are buying and this isn’t always possible or practical when those products are sold online,” Corona Xu says. “This is especially important if the products we are showing need to be demonstrated. With many of today’s hi-tech gadgets, it takes a hands-on demonstration for customers to see the benefits of what we are promoting.”


Even if customers don’t buy a product at that moment, having seen a live demonstration and spoken with a personable sales consultant it is much easier for them to remember the name of the company and the product. Unlike adverts that flash before you on a screen, live events take the time to sell with a personal approach. Each customer has his or her own needs and a sales consultant can address those needs and overcome any doubts or objections.

“By taking the time to talk to customers and showing them the benefits of the products we are demonstrating, we find that it is much easier to close a sale than it is to assume they can find those benefits on their own. This is even more successful than the way in which retail outlets are set up because we have sales consultants who are there to be on top of every person who needs their attention.”


CMX Austin has found that consumers miss that personal touch even though they spend a fortune online, they want to see what they are buying, how it works and how it will benefit them. That’s what live events accomplish and in a way that makes the event a huge success and worth every penny spent on the promotion.