CMX Austin recognizes that in this modern age, many more business owners are running their businesses from home. Not just that, however, the fact is that now the trend is moving more and more toward a lifestyle that values freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. CMX Austin looks at some tools to organize and simplify your business from anywhere.


  1. Skype


It might seem obvious, but this is one of the most important tools for the traveling entrepreneur. No matter how well managed and tracked your workload is, sometimes the only way to get something done is face-to-face. At CMX Austin we believe face-to-face is the core of all business.


  1. Boomerang


Chances are, if you are traveling a lot, you will have customers, clients, or even employees in different time zones. Boomerang allows you to schedule emails and send them out at times that are more appropriate, allowing you to write them when you have the time, and send them when they’ll be read.


  1. Trello


Trello is a great tool that allows you to track projects in a visual way. Essentially a cloud-based multi-user to-do list, it packs a lot of power into a very simple tool. The interface is clean and easy to understand and should be enough to track the tasks for most businesses.


  1. Prezi


Keeping track of all those presentations and lugging them around on a laptop or USB stick can be problematic for a traveling entrepreneur. If they get lost you’re in trouble. If the right connectors aren’t available then you’ve got nothing or at least a hassle. Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that means your presentations will be available anywhere at any time.


  1. Buffer


CMX Austin put a lot of effort into social media interaction. Keeping track of those interactions can be tough enough, but it is made much harder by being in a different time zone. Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts on most of the popular social networks, allowing you to sleep well, knowing that your posts will be going up at reasonable times across the world.