Tough economic conditions mandate that businesses of all stripes approach client acquisition and consumer growth from new and unconventional angles. Businesses that succeed in these endeavors live to tell the tale, while those that fail to adapt wind up in the economic graveyard of yesteryear’s stories. A variety of elements play into this, including – but not limited to – personal and business connections, office environment, and supply chain management. Here, CMX Austin review new and effective strategies for building client and customer bases effectively in any market.

CMX Austin Director, Corona Xu, recently commented on three simple methods for improving client engagement and customer base. “The first and perhaps most important element to expanding the playing field revolves around, ‘what is your first question, and does it excite them?’. This simple mechanism can help further engage an always interested client, and move someone who is on the fence to your side”. By framing the question in the format of a benefit that will produce long-term success for a particular client in the marketing world, their attention is seized and it becomes much easier from that point on to maintain the communication.

Clients and customers generally expect interest in their needs and concerns, which is why CMX Austin has worked tirelessly to be more engaged in communication with each prospective client instead of proving itself to be exciting. While people certainly want to be entertained, a business that can prove to a client that their needs and interests are truly at the top of their priority lists will undoubtedly produce more leads and clients than a business that does not. This is one way in which Director Corona Xu has been able to secure so many marketing clients for his brand.

The third and final piece of advice that CMX Austin recommends for businesses is that they demonstrate value. “Beyond exciting the client and addressing their needs, a brand must then demonstrate that their value exceeds the expectations of the client or customer.” Many customers make decisions based on how prestigious they subconsciously perceive a brand to be, while many clients do the same.

As entities such as CMX Austin continue to push forward in client-agent affairs and interaction, business in the marketing sector and beyond can take notice of strategies that work for them, and act accordingly. With a variety of effective strategies in place to propel the business into the coming years, CMX Austin aims to be a force with which to be reckoned for the foreseeable future and will continue to provide industry-leading advice to businesses that wish to emulate its success.